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[fanfiction] Love on the Rocks: Chapters 2-10

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Feb. 3rd, 2010 | 05:54 pm
posted by: kirakaze in cheers_fanfics

Title: Love on the Rocks
Author: kirakaze
Pairings: Sam/Frasier, Frasier/Diane, mentions of Sam/Diane. Pretty much all canon, save for S/F.
Genre: Romance, comedy, drama.
Rating: M for sexual situations and mature themes
Warnings: Sexing, mature themes, Frasier's bawdy inner voice, a wee bit of angst thrown in from time to time.
Spoilers: Follows most of canon from season 3 until the end of Cheers, then segues into Frasier seasons 1-2, pretty much keeping canon. This will probably be more enjoyable if you've seen all of Cheers, but not necessary.

Disclaimer: I don't own Cheers or Frasier, I just play around with the characters. Glen & Les Charles and James Burrows are weeping somewhere, I'm sure.

Summary: Upon meeting Cheers barmaid Diane Chambers, Frasier Crane feels as if his romantic life is finally going according to plan. At least until a fascinating, alluring, drop-dead-gorgeous bartender named Sam Malone gets in the way...

Chapter 2: Sweet & Sour
Chapter 3: Boston Burn-Out
Chapter 4: Spiraling Deeper
Chapter 5: Mother Knows Best
Chapter 6: The Fall of the House of Crane
Chapter 7: Diane, Snipe, and Other Imaginary Monsters
Chapter 8: Psuedo-Confessions
Chapter 9: Trapped In the Closet
Chapter 10: Muy Caliente

x posted @ cheers_fans, so my apologies if you see this twice. ^^;;

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